Kiss Up Email

The contractor sends me an email yesterday morning:

Sorry for the problems on the windows. We will fix them as fast as we can. [foreman] has the fans and will install them. He said that you wanted them installed before inspection.
We will call for the inspection next week.
I had a thought to remind you to tell [stereo installer] to leave us whatever wires we will need for phase 2 in the attic.
I will be at the hospital for some exams today, I am not sure if I get cell service but if need be leave me a message.
Thanks for your understanding,

I don’t remember telling him I understood anything in yesterdays phone call.
And this disingenuous “We will fix them as fast as we can … ” is just more of the same. I already know there is nothing anyone can do to make these windows come in any faster. The order was placed three months later than originally promised. It was placed incorrectly

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