Slider Surprise

So I thought I at least knew how the sliders were going to be installed. In recent days, I had been asking him to get the kit on site, so we could check it and make sure all the parts were here. He shows me the hardware and it is not what I expected. It is rollers that will bear the weight of the door. They are in a box labelled “World class hinges” which is not what these things are so I can’t even do research on them.

I thought we were going to hang the doors from rollers as we discussed when we planned out the window order in July. We had settled on top hanging Henderson Hardware Kit number 290. It is for straight sliding wood doors up to 300-400 lbs. But the foreman had another idea: he was going to put the rollers on the bottom and have the door roll on tracks. We didn’t want this. And this is yet another disconnect and unexpected surprise. I actually lose my temper at him in front of the architect. he says he doesn’t remember agreeing to the top hanging doors.
“We were sitting outside with the contractor and we picked out the system down to the number!”
He explained that the hanging system would not work for weather proofing the exterior doors. The hanging system was for interior doors. The architect agreed with him. It’s just that this is another surprise in a time when I don’t need any surprises. We are going with the bottom rollers. I am reluctant about it because I want to minimize the tracks on the floor. It should be comfortable to walk on them barefoot.
The architect and the foreman figured out a way (I think) for the tracks to be sunken enough to walk on, but not enough so that dirt and water will get caught in the ruts. We will see.

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