A Letter of Apology/Explanation

The foreman comes by and we talk about the windows. He says he got a letter saying that everything is the distributors fault. He is eager to show it to me. We go to my computer and he gets this document from his hotmail account. It is a MS Word (with company letterhead) attachment on an email from the Salesperson, so it seems kind of real. I saved it to my computer.
Here it is.

To: [Contractor's DBA]
Dear Mr. [Contractor,
In regards to the order on [our address] when we originally quoted the job in late june2005 all windows and doors were specked out as dual glazed with low-e glass. Unfortunately when the order was placed in September windows and doors were ordered as dual glazed clear glass. I do take full responsibility for the error and will take the necessary steps in order to solve this problem.
In regards to the error on the sizes of two of the double casements there was a typing error from JT Windows that I did not catch. I do apologize for these delays. Hopefully this will not create any problems with your client.
P.S. JT windows will stand by there product on any reglazing and the full warranty applies.
Thank you,

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