Getting Started with the Stone Fireplace.

The stone moved to the backyard.

After the tile guy got the stone into the backyard, we showed him the picture of what we wanted. We made several copies to tack on the wall and put with the plans. Made a couple extra for whoever would need to see them.

This is what we want. We showed this to the contractor and the foreman before we signed the contract and the foreman was with us when we bought this rock with this picture in our hand.

We leave them alone for the day. I had not been around for most of the day. I came back just as they were leaving.
I asked “How’s it going?”
“Good. We have almost finished laying out the stone. We can start putting on the wall tomorrow maybe next day.”
Wow. I thought. That was fast. They take off and I go in to take a look. This is what I saw.

It was like they didn’t hear a word we said. They obviously didn’t get it at all. Also, it looked like they were picking up the first stone they saw and fit it in somehow. Without looking at each individual piece. They will be able to do that with the tile, but not with this stone.
I am worried.
And look at what they do to the windows before they left! They screwed a screw into it to keep it shut! I am dumbfounded!! These are friction hinges! There is no reason for that. These windows need to get sent back and fixed and they are destroying them. I think they did it so that their equipment would not get stolen. Unfortunately, a theif would simply rip out the screw and really damage the window frame. Ughhh.

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