Lighting Miscommunication

The architect sends over the lighting schedule and they have already put in the rough for a different kind of light. The plans state that the lighting is supposed to be approved by the architect, so now we have lighting in that is not what the architect and his lighting consultant came up with.
This whole time, the architect thought they were just putting in the tracks, and he was rushing to get this schedule done on time.
He had chosen Iris down lights and wall washers. Meanwhile, the foreman put in Liton casings. The whole time this was going on and I was micromanaging the placement of these things, I didn’t understand the incompatibility issue. I thought whatever the architect picked out, would fit in these boxes, so I never brought it up.
The architect called the contractor and contractor said that if they needed to be replaced, they would be. Fortunately, Jeff went thru the Liton catalog and found a suitable replacement. The lights installed are good lights, and use the same MR-16lamps, and he found a trim that is comparable to what he spec’d.
While this is not a disaster like the windows, it is still annoying that they are not following the plans. We have very detailed plans. They just need to be followed.

Sub Panel Gets Hooked Up

The sub panel gets attached to the main panel. It is done in kind of a temporary way, but that is okay since the main panel will be moved in phase two. It is in the back of the office add-on which will be demolished in phase two.

The Sub-panel in the laundry room.

The new conduit is the one that goes up through the roof.

From there it goes along the top of the office roof and into the attic.

The Storm Hits

Sure enough, the big honkin’ storm came. The roof didn’t leak, but we had to do some last minute protection of the hall bath window that was installed without being primed.

We also tried to protect the plywood base of the Living Room opening. With limited success.

No Activity Days for December

These were the days with no activity in December:
December 1,2,3,5,6,12,24,26
For November:
November 5,7,8,10,12,17,18,19,21,25,26,28,29,30
For October:
October 1,5,6,19,22,24,25,29
For September:
September 8,9,10,12,15,16,19,20,26
For August:
August 29,30
Job started August 22
Better this month than in November.