Telescoping Doors 4

The Living room has gotten to a good spot, so time to move on to the master bedroom doors.

Living room closed.

Living room open.

The guides above the doors, love this.

Putting the stationary doors in place.

Ready for installation.

Telescoping Doors 3

Feeling good about what they are making. Love the track above the doors. Very cool look. Old fashioned. Low tech and looking like they were a part of the original house.

Yippee! Let’s run!

Telescoping Doors 2

they had to cut out the 2×4 below the big beam. I kind of thought that was going to happen. Because the master beam does not have one under it. It looks like the bolt is not fully thru the beam I hope this is not a problem.

Putting the frame together.

This ironwood and it took them forever to drill these holes.

The frame on the ground

Getting the frame into place.

It’s level!

This goop is under the frame. They use to glue it into place.

A track in place.

Fine tuning the door wheels.

Telescoping doors

More work on the telescoping doors. Now these doors are no longer a part of the window drama but a part of the exterior category! We are having the door systems built from scratch since purchasing them would cost upwards of $30,000.

The base piece of wood, created yesterday.

Cutting a side piece.

The base for the livingroom sliders and on the right, for the bedroom sliders.

Placing the groove cut for the center doors.


The grooves are cut.

The goorve for the 2nd and 5th doors stop half way.

The track is sunk a little bit so that when we walk through the open doors, it is still a pretty smooth surface. As even as possible with the wood.

These are the sides to the door frames.

Master Bath Drywall

It took this guy the better part of a day to cover the sink side of the master bath with the green drywall. He had to exactly measure every hole placement and then cut it. I think he got it right the first time! If only he had been the one to order our windows.

More Drywall

More Dry wall today. Probably too many pictures for you, but this is for records too.

Master BR ceiling.


Master Closet.

Master looking out.

Master looking out with dry wall.

Master looking in.

Hall bath.

Hall ceiling taken down. It was easier to take it all down than to patch it.

Master ceiling.

Closing up.

So much was going on today. My camera is on overdrive.

The hall bath window put in.

the hall bath window with the tar paper around it.

The drip flashing to allow stucco weeping. The master closet is on a cement foundation. We want the stucco to go to the ground like the rest of the house, but this flashing is required to pass inspection. The architect said he does not recommend having the stucco go to the ground, but that is still the plan. After inpection, we will extend the stucco to the ground.

Fitting the flashing.

Rolls of tar paper and mesh.

Tar paper going up

Corner of flashing.

North side of master closet.

West side of master.

The verbage on the tar paper.

East closet exterior.

Close up of flashing.

Back of house.

Mesh goes up.

Close up of mesh.

After inspection, we will take the flashing off of the bottom of the gutters. The foreman is not sure how he will do it, but he will take it off, and add some more tar paper. They are doing everything the can to not damage the gutters we have built when we first moved in.

Side office window.

Front office window. Still looking mirrory.


Can you believe it? The dry wall finally starts going up today. Finally is the word. But I feel a little nervous. Did we miss anything? Is there anything we need to do before the dry wall goes up? I worry that there is something we have not done.
There is, of course. The stereo system. That is something I haven’t written about. But I have interviewed a few stereo installers and havent felt comfortable with any of them so in all this time of the house sitting bare, no ethernet or low voltage wires have gone in. ARGGH!

Laundry Room. Green is for tile in potentially wet areas.

The closet ceiling. I hope those lights are really placed correctly!

Inside the closet.

Looking out of the closet into the Master bedroom.

Front Door into Entry way.

ENtry way from Living Room.

Master Ceiling. I really hope we measured these right. But who can tell until the strips go in.

Master ceiling.

Master Ceiling.

Master Ceiling.

Living Room Telescoping Door Construction Begins

Some picture heavy posts are on the way.
They started building the frame for the living room sliders today. The house is going to be closed up finally!!!
They are making the frame out of ironwood. I didn’t know they were going to use it, but we are pleased. It is the only wood that sinks because it won’t absorb water. And it won’t bend or warp. So the doors will move easily for a long time.
It also has a nice color to it. All it needs is mineral oil. I think it will look good with the floors.

Laying them out.

This is a joint for the bottom of the frame. Two pieces will dovetail into each other.

The two pieces clamped.

Master Bath Window

I forgot to mention I talked to the contractor last Thursday when we were on the slopes. He told me they were doing the insulation that day.
And he also told me they got the President of JT Windows involved in getting the master window delivered. They took one of the doors off site, and I guess they took it to JT so that a match could be made easier. Maybe they made it and it came out wrong again. Ughhh.
I asked when it would be ready and he said honestly, he didn’t know, but that it should be pretty quick since the owner of the window company is involved. He said he had a total fit with those guys.
He also made a point of telling us we were the nicest clients he could imagine about this. I can’t remember the exact term he used, but he said something to the effect of anybody else would be going completely ape s*** and killing people over this.
We are pretty close. We are colder here than we were on our ski trip!


While we were gone over the weekend, they put in the insulation.
We wanted sound insulation to be installed in the bathrooms and the laundry room but normal insulation was installed. Funny they have sound insulation on the hall bath tub. They also put up tar paper in teh hall bath with no insulation behind it.
Here are some pix:

Outside the hall bath on the left and the master closet on the right. Bummer they stapled the plastic into the molding under the gutters, but I guess that can be patched.

Outside the master closet.

Outside the master closet.

Outside the master closet.

The fire warning on the insulation.

Master ceiling.

Master ceiling.

Hall bath. The window is in!

Hall tub.

Above the livingroom.

Also above the livingroom.

Also above the livingroom.

This is the sound proof insulation. We don’t see it anywhere else.

Here it is in context. The wall behind the tub has no insulation so that tar paper needs to be taken down so the insulation can be added.

The master bath interior wall is insulated with regular insulation, not the sound insulation

More Window Doubts

Yes, we are concerned about the windows again.
When the windows arrived, I noticed a slight tint. Also, the stickers that say glaze this side indicates a coating on the outside of the glass when I thought the low e coating was on the inside of one of the panes. They made it very clear that they were waiting for the low e glass to arrive before they picked up the windows. They were replacing the glass, not coating it.
I hope these stickers do not mean that the existing glass was coated with something.

So then, we notice today the installed front windows have a distinct metallic reflective look on them. Maybe it is the light, but we hope this is not what the doors look like in the back! We don’t want a wall of mirrors! We don’t want people stopping by and doing their makeup in our window! We don’t want to look like an office building!

I found this web page on the berkeley labs web site:
This sentence is of particular interest:
“However, since these technologies are typically not discernible to the human eye, consumers, builders, utility representatives and others have asked for a simple hand-held detector to determine what type of coating (if any) is used on a double glazed window.”
Why do they make these detectors if low e glass has a tint? Thoughts?

Smoking on the Job

So the guy doing the primer painting today came outside while I was getting out the snowboard equip from the garage. We are going snowboarding tomorrow! He asked me if I smoked. I said no, but that I used to. So he lit up and lamented his addiction. He wanted to quit so bad. He has high blood pressure, a heart condition, and he needs to quit, but can’t. I told him my story of quitting. We agreed it is one of the hardest things to do. It was a nice talk.
At the end of his cigarette, he says, “Back to work.”
And then right in front of me, he drops the butt on the driveway, stamps it out, and walks back into the house.

Doors Arrive

We now have the doors, but no master bath window…

I call the window manufacturer and they say they are done with the job, I call the distributor to find out if he knows what is going on. He is out until next Monday. Fortunately, I have his cell phone and I am going to call it everyday until I have that window!!!

Porthole for Bathroom

I forgot to mention this and things are pretty quiet, so now is a good time. In the guest bath, we are putting in a porthole in the shower. And here is a pic.

This is from their web site so it may or may not appear.

It is going on this wall above the bath tub faucets and between the center studs.