Back Yard Clean Up

The back yard was starting to look like the city dump. They haven’t had a dumpster here so the trash piled up in the back yard. We asked them to remove it because the dogs were sniffing the old mcdonalds bags, it was getting dangerously near some plants, and it was ugly!

Benches Oiled

I went to Lowe’s last night and bought a bunch of oils and stains and cloths, etc. I ended up using olive oil from the kitchen, a tip I found on the internet.
I slathered the benches with the olive oil. It took a while to soak in, but finally did. They look awesome!

Making Our Benches

They started on our benches the next day. Unbelievably, they were also making a copy of our bench near the hot tub. And not for us.
For our benches.

And for his other bench I guess I wont let him know I know about.

Good Grief

I was not around at all yesterday and I was gone this morning. So when I get back today, I go over to check on them and what do I see? A beautiful bench made out of ironwood.
“What is this for?,” I ask.
So they have been using this house as a work shop for other projects. That is absurd. I call the contractor, and he says he doesn’t know why but that it might be because they want to keep the equipment here for when the master bath window finally comes. (It still hasn’t come).
Minutes later, the foreman calls and apologizes, and says he willl make it up to me.
I say “Is is a nice bench.”
“You want one?”
“I want two.”
He wanted 600 dollars for them, but I refused. I agreed to pay him $300 for the pair if they built the garage door now without a day off. The garage door was something that can be built at any time since nothing needed to be done first, it was its own little section of the project. With all these delays — we were mentioning to them that they could get that out of the way, but now I got them to agree to do it.

They did get in the door frames.