Drip for Laundry Drain

Because the drain in the laundry room is not going to see a lot of water, they installed a drip valve which uses about a tablespoon of water a day. This is so the trap doesn’t start to stink with stagnant water.

The valve is on the left and the shut off is on the right. We shut it off if we need to replace or service the valve.

The panel to this will be to the left of the washing machine.

Plumbing Inspection Passed

The plumbing inspector came today. Unfortunately, I missed him. But true to form, I asked a lot of questions. It’s pretty interesting what they do. They fill up all the pvc with water to see if it leaks. They check all the seams and joints. When it’s done, the empty the water and then join it to the sewer.

Where the new plumbing (left) meets the existing city sewer (right). they inspection finished and they took the cap off to let the water drain before connecting them.

The Plumbing Wraps Up

I know there are not a lot of plumbing entries, but it’s kind of boring stuff!
The plumbing inspector is coming tomorrow, and the plumbing guys have been here all day every day for the past 8 working days. So there is a lot of stuff to show. They managed to do it without turning off the water or gas that often. Only a couple times.
The first thing I learned, is water comes in thru copper and leaves thru pvc.

Hot and cold on the right two for the sinks in the master bath. On the left is the toilet head and its cold water input.

In the foreground is the hot and cold for the shower. Against the wall is the hot and cold and drain for the washing machine. They turned on the hot for me and hot water came out. So that is good.

This is the old master bath in the foreground is where the toilet head was, in the background it the new toilet head.

These next four pix are from the attic. They are of the master bath and the laundry room.

Mater Bath

Master Bath

Master Shower and Laundry Room. The wall between them will be where the pvc vent is coming up in the middle. The pvc cap to the top is the shower drain. The one below is the laundry room drain.

Laundry Room.

And this is where things get scarey. One reason the plumbing went on without me blogging it for so long is these guys did most of their work in the crawl space. Can you say claustrophobia?

Made for people to climb in.

And then in the attic there is this whole vent system going on. We had one before (everybody does, but I just learned this) so they were able to use the existing hole in the roof.

The Plumbing Gets Started

The cement is in and the dirt is dug out between the cement bases for the two new master walls. Now it is time for the plumbing to be installed. Water comes in on copper and leaves thru PVC. the copper has to be precisely placed since we have exposed chrome input valves under the sink in the master. They say plumbers don’t like doing this so much because everything has to be exact. In the second bathroom, the piping under the sink will be hidden so the copper placement doesn’t have to be as precise.

These are the hot and cold for the master sinks. Hope they measured right!

This will be the water for the washer. The old hall bath is becoming the laundry room.